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February 8th, 2007

03:49 pm: wow.. I just realized, I have updated in nearly two months.  And in the back of my mind for the past two months I have thought about how much I want to update... sooo now, that I am home sick today, I am here finally updating.

Where to begin!? Well Winter Break was pretty good.. I got to hang out with lots of my friends, and I got to hang out with Kissel, which doesn't/won't ever happen enough.. I love her soo much.. I think it will be sooo interesting to come back from Colorado next year and visit friends... I also want to exprience life outside of Nebraska! 

I finally decided on officially attending University of Northern Colorado next year.  It truly has a phenominal theatre program that is up-and-coming... the next National Thespian Production, Hairspray, is going to be based and directed by the theatre director at UNC.  So if I get to help with that production in some way, that would be exciting.  Plus, its about 45 mins. away from Denver, which has lots of good touring productions, and not tooo far away from Lincoln, if I want to come back some weekend for an event.

I got the big Carol Scott Scholarship at State Festival this year... which was pretty exciting.. since, Im not thinking I will be recieving too many academic scholarships! ha! 

Beauty & the Beast was cast at Lincoln Southwest High School.. never once have I seen soo much backstabbing, shit talked about one cast list... All I will say was there were many surprises, but, I am very confident that it will be another great production.  Some of the leads of Beauty & the Beast include: Alex Martin as Belle, Cohagen Wilkinson as the Beast, Bryson Kerns as Lumiere, Nick Dahlquist as Cogsworth, Taylor Jones as Gaston, Alicia Meyer as Babette, Ashley James, Charis Thomas and Melissa Schorr as Silly Girls...  PLUS, the ensemble is filled with mighty strong singers- and one of the strongest ensembles I have seen in a while... 

The set for Beauty is a BEAST... Seriously, this is the first show ever that I am wondering if it will get done!  WOW!  There are soo many different sets... Seriously, today I believe they will be done just making platforms for the set.. there are OVER 60 platforms for the set! Jesus! 

For Spring Break- I will be going to Northern Colorado, for my Theatre Interview and to visit the school again.. and I will also be going to Kansas City for 3 days with friends, which will be a nice escape... It will allow me more money this summer to go NY or Florida... 

ummmmmm... i guess thats all for now.

December 12th, 2006

07:45 pm: Hey... 

black elk speaks 
made internationals mainstage.

It will be a ton of work and everything, but, I am proud of the program, and It will be exciting to call a show @ the Lied Center. Plus, Kissel you could come:) haha. I love thats one of the first things I think about. I guess thats all I really want to post right now:) love you all... Christmas Break is almost here!

October 25th, 2006

09:37 pm: wow... this week is finals week... that means that 1/4 of my senior year is complete! I seriously can't believe that it is already going soo fast.

Mrs.Wright, can suck it.  I am dropping her class second term and taking an independent study with Seidel.. sounds like an excellent excuse and I won't have to write ridiculous 6 page papers or make outlines or take quizes every day... Freedom. 

I have to write a critique paper/learning paper for her class tomorrow, we can write anything we like really, what we thought about the class.... oh, the things I could write, but I will wait until, I get my final grade-- then possibly be writting a paper to the administration, Mrs.Seidel really wants me to write a letter sooo that will probably be my first "assighment".  I would love to get peoples help and opinions for the paper sooo... Meg Kissel, and Emily Evnen, since you are going to great "established" schools, if you would like to write a paragraph or two, I'm sure I could add it to my note:) 

Seriously, she reads a note about every 2/3 weeks from a past student, who e-mails her, and talks about how much her class has paid off and all the hard work, is saving them in college... blah... blah... blah...

ugh... i get sooo upset.  But, I don't think she hates me yet sooo lets wait til grades come out...

We have a big 200-point final project tomorrow, and it looks like I will be getting a 100% sooo that should help out my grade a lot.  I have never had anything lower than a B+ in a regular english class at Southwest, I have to say this class better not be the first.  But, It looks like I might just pull a B. Upsetting a bit..

Black Elk Speaks is going... Two weeks from today we perform a matinee for middle-school kids... We have been off book for a few days, and its going OK.  not the best, not the worst... We will see, It is very stressful and confusing- one of the most confusing plays I have ever worked on with props, and characters and just everything but, I think it may all come together... Fingers Crossed. We run the show tomorrow for the first time full off-book and the full-show...

Kids who graduated, be grateful there are some VERY annoying freshman, that hopefully will NEVER be cast again, ahhh... like its painful...

I saw Rent for the 5th time last week, that was pretty... different.  The voices were pretty different, some good, some not soo good.  I think Rodger was from England.. that was different, good in parts, horrible in parts...  Mimi was annoying the whole first act, then I started to like her in the second act when she wasn't all high-pitched... Mark was good.... Angel was alright, but, damn in the Contact song in the second act, by far the best performance ever.. Damn...

I also saw Hairspray on tour in Omaha about a week ago!! OMG! I LOVED it... I have to say it was one of the best touring-shows I have seen.. EVER.  Very good cast, and it was non-equity.  I loved the musical...  and the guy who played Link---- WOW.. lol... I feel like a little school girl...

Project Runway is over... SAD... I was really hoping Uli would win. I loved her final collection, and overall loved her all season.  I like Michael Knight also, but his final collection was less than impressive... and Jeffrey, I loved some pieces and despised some pieces, and overall this season he was just okay to me.. O well, Uli will do great.

I miss Kissel...

thats it for now...

September 17th, 2006

02:33 pm: ummmm... I just got back from University of Northern Colorado, yesterday. I was amazed at how beautiful the campus was... I have heard about the amazing theatrical productions put on at the campus, and know many great actors that I have decided to go there this year, but, I had heard that it was kinda a shitty town? When I went there it was beautiful, no weird smells, NOTHING! I love it... I could easily see myself there next year. I even ran into a girl and talked to her, she is majoring in Theatre, and I told her I was looking into Evansville University, and she told me that was her second choice!? WHA? Evansville was her second choice to UNC I was really shocked... I go to Evansville in two weeks and we'll see how that is, but I am not sure I can handle a small town with a small campus on only about 2500 students even if they have the major I want and a great program!? But, UNC is soo cheap, which would allow other oppurtunities: trips, new car?, and more...   Carli Sabin is pretty sure she is going there and its 40 mins from Denver, which is a great Theatre town... exciting!

My 18th Birthday is in 5 days!   I am soooo pumped.  I can't believe that I will be 18, and its still very surreal that I am in my senior year of highschool. SHIT!

At the end of the month, I will be visiting Illnois State, which I am looking forward to, I also am visiting Evansville University and attending the performance of Urinetown.  (Kissel I finally get to see it!)  And I have my interview with them, but, Evansville is slowly moving down on the list as well as DePaul in Chicago just because of costs, I am not sure I want to go to a school that costs 35-50k a year...

But, after this weekend, It is finally clear that I will definitely not be staying in Lincoln. Which is kinda sad, I thought somehow I would just end up in Lincoln-- but, I am 99% sure now that wont happen...

If you look online you can find the collections from the Project Runway designers, it looks pretty darn interesting!? WHO KNOWS WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR!? But, damn they have actually come up with 4 GOOD designers.

Black Elk Speaks is coming along.  Tech/Set Design and everything starts this week, and rehearsals are kinda interesting. I have NO IDEA how this show will turn out!?  I think that the one-act will be good... and other than that. Who knows.

thats it..

August 25th, 2006

07:34 pm: 2006 One-Act District Assighments

A –1

Millard North

Omaha North

Millard West

Omaha Bryan

Bellevue West



South Sioux City


Omaha Northwest

Omaha Westside

Lincoln Southwest

Lincoln High School

Bellevue East

Papillion-LaVista South




Millard South

Omaha Burke

Lincoln North Star

Lincoln Southeast

Lincoln East



Omaha Skutt


Grand Island


Lincoln Northeast

North Platte

Lincoln Pius X




interesting, I think that A-2 & A-3 are stiff competition, and I think that A-1 & A-4 are extreamly easy, I wonder how these are actually choosen!?  But, Im very excited for one-acts this coming year and hearing about everyone's season...

We finally OFFICALLY have a tech director, Corrie Beth Allen will be joining us from Michigan at the beginning of September.  She seems very sweet and looks like she will be a blast to work with.


July 16th, 2006

11:15 pm: update..
the past few weeks have been busy, interesting and boring at the same time...

I finished up interning at the Lied Center for Peforming Arts last Wednesday, I think that it was valuable for the resume, and good exprience although doing busy work and filing papers in an office is no fun.  I do enjoy Amy Black and Charles... they are a delight to work with.

Mike Tushaus and Karen Cornejo are moving back to LA.  Karen got her dream job and Mike got an Assistant Tech Director position at the same theatre. I'm very excited for them!  They finally can both have steady jobs that will fuel their passion.

We have been talking about plans for the one-act and the fall production of "Black Elk Speaks", although we need to get everyone pumped up again, it actually sounds REALLY amazing, and I think it will be a great one-act.  The fall show I am still hesitant about, but, when we cut it down to 30 minutes it could be kickass!  So thats exciting-- especially since our one-act last year was basically thrown together?  pretty much.

Project Runway nights at Meg Kissel's are amazing. It is great how i look forward to it all week... next week may be the last one:( sad.  I think that the top 3 designers should be Uli, Kayne, Michael.  But, I think that Jeff should be up there too.  I think that Uli will win this Project Runway. I love her!

School starts in two weeks... and UNL starts this next week- WEIRD.  I think i get to go see everyone's dorm rooms tomorrow which is kinda exciting.

July 12th, 2006

12:52 pm: wow. Leadership Retreat was amazing! Lincoln High and Southwest, are bonding and growing a great relationship! I am very excited and we got the ball rolling for LPS-ITS Winter Ball.. soo thats exciting. I talked with Patsy Koch-Johns, and things are great! I think that we actually might be uniting Lincoln Public Schools Drama Departments... im really happy.


also, I am in love with the Kearney and Millard South kids:)

project runway tonight.

July 8th, 2006

03:21 pm:

This was inspired by Kissel, something I have wanted to do for a while, and I finally made the list.

Project Runway is soo soon, I am very excited.

I have hung out with Alan Holly, Stasa Denkovich, Alicia Meyer and Brandon Koch, and it has been very enjoyable.  I'm starting to think that the next year of LSW won't be horrible.  But, I also went through West Side Story stuff today, and I am going to miss soo many people. 

Thats it.

July 5th, 2006

06:55 pm: Senior Time...
Alright... Help Me Out.. This is what my list of colleges that I will be applying for this fall/spring... tell me what you think, if you have ideas or heard things about these schools...

  • DePaul University- The Theatre School- Theatre Management

  • University of Northern Colorado- Secondary Education Theatre

  • University of Evansville- Theatre Management

  • Ithaca University- Theatre Management

  • Columbia University- Theatre Management

  • Viterbo University- Theatre Management

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln- Business Administration/Marketing

That is my list right now... I'm not really sure about Ithaca not, that I need to worry because its probably way too hard to get into but around 40k a year I'm not sure I could handle that kind of money...

QAF, this morning was amazing with Kissel, Emily and Lucas. This will be a wonderful summer event.  Also... Zoo Tomorrow!? We really should try to do this.  Call me tonight whenever you see this.. or i'lll try to call you first!

June 30th, 2006

07:15 pm: update...
wow. i havent updated in a long, long time. 

new york city-- I need to make a post devoted to show reviews and ect.  but, the main thing was "The Color Purple" was easily the most emotional, powerful night in theatre I have EVER exprience and probably ever will. LaChanze is the most amazing singer/actress ever and If you ever get the chance to see her in all her glory especially in THE COLOR PURPLE you are truly lucky.  It was simply amazing.  PLUS, Oprah was in the audience a row in front of us!! and I met and talked to her best friend Gale, now thats pretty cool..;)

Internationals-- It was okay. nothing, NOTHING compared to last year.  Thoroughly Modern Millie, was hard to be rejected. But, the three Stage Managers they picked were all from Kenosha, Wisconsin- where the show is based, and the two ASM's were not even called back for TECH callbacks and were actors not cast in the show... I was upset because I could have talked about something other than Stage Management if they were going to pick their own kids for Stage Managers... o, well... I'm gonna be very busy with shows, president, and finding a damn college to go to...

The Lied Internship-- It is kinda exciting, I have been working with Charles, the executive director a lot, and Laura Sweet, with membership stuff then administrative stuff with Amy Black.  It isn't the greatest thing, but its what I want to go into and you have to start somewhere.

Life-- Its alright. whatever. life is life.

Tonight, I am going to Emily Evnen's with Stasa and Alicia. Thats exciting!  Then tomorrow, Cats with Meg and Emily and Shane and I am going to hang out with JORDAN all day! I miss him like a mofo-- its been a fuckin month....

Thats it for now...

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