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Bryan W. Johnson

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03:21 pm:
List of 50 things I want to do before I die: (inspired the other night when with Kissel, and her list)
1. Graduate High School
2. Travel to Chicago
3. Travel to New York City
4. Travel to Las Vegas
5. Travel to Australia
6. Travel to London
7. Travel to Paris

8. Travel to Italy
9. Live in London
10. Live in Chicago
11. Live in New York City
12. Graduate College
13. Stage Manage a Musical
14. Intern at the Lied Center for Performing Arts
15. Intern for Broadway in Chicago
16. Intern at Radio City Music Hall
17. Be Production Manager a Broadway Musical Tour
18. Be Executive Director of a successful Theatre
19. Fall in Love.
20. Read a novel each month until I die
21. Become completely independent
22. Work for Educational Theatre Association
23. Work for Broadway Cares
24. Stage Manage/Production Manage or Direct a Broadway Production
25. Become Wealthy, and be happy.
26. Mentor for Big Brothers/Big Sisters
27. Learn how to Ski
28. Go to Grad School
29. Get out of Lincoln, Nebraska
30. Spend an entire day at the Lake, just relaxing and thinking.
31. Be able to be a sizeable donation to Lincoln Community Playhouse and Lincoln Southwest Theatre, two places that have given me many expriences.
32. Stay close friends with people I have become close with in highschool
33. Buy an original piece of artwork.
34. Take a senior trip with friends to Disney World
35. Go to New York City with just my mom
36. Own a store
37. Go Camping
38. Go to the Sydney Opera House
39. Go to the Tony Awards
40. Recieve a Tony Award
41. Be on a national television show
42. Be on the front page of the newspaper
43. Be on Distinguished Alumni at Lincoln Southwest for something
44. Volunteer in Africa in an orphenge
45. Visit Kenosha, Wisconsin and see a performance at Bradford High School.
46. Write a novel or play.
47. Attend the Grammy or Academy Awards.
48. Travel to Spain.
49.  Become fluent in another language
50. Live and die Happy.

This was inspired by Kissel, something I have wanted to do for a while, and I finally made the list.

Project Runway is soo soon, I am very excited.

I have hung out with Alan Holly, Stasa Denkovich, Alicia Meyer and Brandon Koch, and it has been very enjoyable.  I'm starting to think that the next year of LSW won't be horrible.  But, I also went through West Side Story stuff today, and I am going to miss soo many people. 

Thats it.


Date:July 9th, 2006 05:06 am (UTC)
your #33 coincides with mine! I'll sell you something, and we can both cross something off... brilliant!
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