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Bryan W. Johnson

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02:33 pm: ummmm... I just got back from University of Northern Colorado, yesterday. I was amazed at how beautiful the campus was... I have heard about the amazing theatrical productions put on at the campus, and know many great actors that I have decided to go there this year, but, I had heard that it was kinda a shitty town? When I went there it was beautiful, no weird smells, NOTHING! I love it... I could easily see myself there next year. I even ran into a girl and talked to her, she is majoring in Theatre, and I told her I was looking into Evansville University, and she told me that was her second choice!? WHA? Evansville was her second choice to UNC I was really shocked... I go to Evansville in two weeks and we'll see how that is, but I am not sure I can handle a small town with a small campus on only about 2500 students even if they have the major I want and a great program!? But, UNC is soo cheap, which would allow other oppurtunities: trips, new car?, and more...   Carli Sabin is pretty sure she is going there and its 40 mins from Denver, which is a great Theatre town... exciting!

My 18th Birthday is in 5 days!   I am soooo pumped.  I can't believe that I will be 18, and its still very surreal that I am in my senior year of highschool. SHIT!

At the end of the month, I will be visiting Illnois State, which I am looking forward to, I also am visiting Evansville University and attending the performance of Urinetown.  (Kissel I finally get to see it!)  And I have my interview with them, but, Evansville is slowly moving down on the list as well as DePaul in Chicago just because of costs, I am not sure I want to go to a school that costs 35-50k a year...

But, after this weekend, It is finally clear that I will definitely not be staying in Lincoln. Which is kinda sad, I thought somehow I would just end up in Lincoln-- but, I am 99% sure now that wont happen...

If you look online you can find the collections from the Project Runway designers, it looks pretty darn interesting!? WHO KNOWS WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR!? But, damn they have actually come up with 4 GOOD designers.

Black Elk Speaks is coming along.  Tech/Set Design and everything starts this week, and rehearsals are kinda interesting. I have NO IDEA how this show will turn out!?  I think that the one-act will be good... and other than that. Who knows.

thats it..


Date:September 17th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)

It's weird that I'm only like a month older than you. ...that had never hit me before....doesn't seem right at all.

I'm excited for you with the college thing. I am a firm believer in the "when you're on campus you just KNOW" but yeah.

And I'm glad you finally get to see Urinetown. It's not my favorite musical for nothin.....er...not that I have a favorite musical anymore ;)

You should send me a letter. Tell me Bob stories. Is he treating you ok? Don't take any crap - you're the only one there with any stage management abilities so fuck him! Unless he's being nice...then don't piss him off :) haha.

This is a long comment. Love you Bryan. Call me again sometime big guy.
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Date:September 17th, 2006 11:25 pm (UTC)
Um, I think you should come to NYU and visit me.

Or at least IM me.

Hehe, miss you!
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