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Bryan W. Johnson

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03:49 pm: wow.. I just realized, I have updated in nearly two months.  And in the back of my mind for the past two months I have thought about how much I want to update... sooo now, that I am home sick today, I am here finally updating.

Where to begin!? Well Winter Break was pretty good.. I got to hang out with lots of my friends, and I got to hang out with Kissel, which doesn't/won't ever happen enough.. I love her soo much.. I think it will be sooo interesting to come back from Colorado next year and visit friends... I also want to exprience life outside of Nebraska! 

I finally decided on officially attending University of Northern Colorado next year.  It truly has a phenominal theatre program that is up-and-coming... the next National Thespian Production, Hairspray, is going to be based and directed by the theatre director at UNC.  So if I get to help with that production in some way, that would be exciting.  Plus, its about 45 mins. away from Denver, which has lots of good touring productions, and not tooo far away from Lincoln, if I want to come back some weekend for an event.

I got the big Carol Scott Scholarship at State Festival this year... which was pretty exciting.. since, Im not thinking I will be recieving too many academic scholarships! ha! 

Beauty & the Beast was cast at Lincoln Southwest High School.. never once have I seen soo much backstabbing, shit talked about one cast list... All I will say was there were many surprises, but, I am very confident that it will be another great production.  Some of the leads of Beauty & the Beast include: Alex Martin as Belle, Cohagen Wilkinson as the Beast, Bryson Kerns as Lumiere, Nick Dahlquist as Cogsworth, Taylor Jones as Gaston, Alicia Meyer as Babette, Ashley James, Charis Thomas and Melissa Schorr as Silly Girls...  PLUS, the ensemble is filled with mighty strong singers- and one of the strongest ensembles I have seen in a while... 

The set for Beauty is a BEAST... Seriously, this is the first show ever that I am wondering if it will get done!  WOW!  There are soo many different sets... Seriously, today I believe they will be done just making platforms for the set.. there are OVER 60 platforms for the set! Jesus! 

For Spring Break- I will be going to Northern Colorado, for my Theatre Interview and to visit the school again.. and I will also be going to Kansas City for 3 days with friends, which will be a nice escape... It will allow me more money this summer to go NY or Florida... 

ummmmmm... i guess thats all for now.


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Date:February 9th, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
Mr. Bryan, I have a few problems.

1) It has been far too long since we've spoken
2) You're not coming to New York for college.

yeah, that's about it. If you come to NY over the summer, you better let me know. Congrats on Colorado, and have a great rest of your senior year!

Date:February 9th, 2007 03:08 pm (UTC)
love you big guy :) call me when interesting beauty and the beast things happen!
Date:November 1st, 2009 03:13 pm (UTC)
something like хостинг
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