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Bryan W. Johnson

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06:55 pm: Senior Time...
Alright... Help Me Out.. This is what my list of colleges that I will be applying for this fall/spring... tell me what you think, if you have ideas or heard things about these schools...

  • DePaul University- The Theatre School- Theatre Management

  • University of Northern Colorado- Secondary Education Theatre

  • University of Evansville- Theatre Management

  • Ithaca University- Theatre Management

  • Columbia University- Theatre Management

  • Viterbo University- Theatre Management

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln- Business Administration/Marketing

That is my list right now... I'm not really sure about Ithaca not, that I need to worry because its probably way too hard to get into but around 40k a year I'm not sure I could handle that kind of money...

QAF, this morning was amazing with Kissel, Emily and Lucas. This will be a wonderful summer event.  Also... Zoo Tomorrow!? We really should try to do this.  Call me tonight whenever you see this.. or i'lll try to call you first!

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