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Bryan W. Johnson

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11:15 pm: update..
the past few weeks have been busy, interesting and boring at the same time...

I finished up interning at the Lied Center for Peforming Arts last Wednesday, I think that it was valuable for the resume, and good exprience although doing busy work and filing papers in an office is no fun.  I do enjoy Amy Black and Charles... they are a delight to work with.

Mike Tushaus and Karen Cornejo are moving back to LA.  Karen got her dream job and Mike got an Assistant Tech Director position at the same theatre. I'm very excited for them!  They finally can both have steady jobs that will fuel their passion.

We have been talking about plans for the one-act and the fall production of "Black Elk Speaks", although we need to get everyone pumped up again, it actually sounds REALLY amazing, and I think it will be a great one-act.  The fall show I am still hesitant about, but, when we cut it down to 30 minutes it could be kickass!  So thats exciting-- especially since our one-act last year was basically thrown together?  pretty much.

Project Runway nights at Meg Kissel's are amazing. It is great how i look forward to it all week... next week may be the last one:( sad.  I think that the top 3 designers should be Uli, Kayne, Michael.  But, I think that Jeff should be up there too.  I think that Uli will win this Project Runway. I love her!

School starts in two weeks... and UNL starts this next week- WEIRD.  I think i get to go see everyone's dorm rooms tomorrow which is kinda exciting.

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