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Bryan W. Johnson

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09:37 pm: wow... this week is finals week... that means that 1/4 of my senior year is complete! I seriously can't believe that it is already going soo fast.

Mrs.Wright, can suck it.  I am dropping her class second term and taking an independent study with Seidel.. sounds like an excellent excuse and I won't have to write ridiculous 6 page papers or make outlines or take quizes every day... Freedom. 

I have to write a critique paper/learning paper for her class tomorrow, we can write anything we like really, what we thought about the class.... oh, the things I could write, but I will wait until, I get my final grade-- then possibly be writting a paper to the administration, Mrs.Seidel really wants me to write a letter sooo that will probably be my first "assighment".  I would love to get peoples help and opinions for the paper sooo... Meg Kissel, and Emily Evnen, since you are going to great "established" schools, if you would like to write a paragraph or two, I'm sure I could add it to my note:) 

Seriously, she reads a note about every 2/3 weeks from a past student, who e-mails her, and talks about how much her class has paid off and all the hard work, is saving them in college... blah... blah... blah...

ugh... i get sooo upset.  But, I don't think she hates me yet sooo lets wait til grades come out...

We have a big 200-point final project tomorrow, and it looks like I will be getting a 100% sooo that should help out my grade a lot.  I have never had anything lower than a B+ in a regular english class at Southwest, I have to say this class better not be the first.  But, It looks like I might just pull a B. Upsetting a bit..

Black Elk Speaks is going... Two weeks from today we perform a matinee for middle-school kids... We have been off book for a few days, and its going OK.  not the best, not the worst... We will see, It is very stressful and confusing- one of the most confusing plays I have ever worked on with props, and characters and just everything but, I think it may all come together... Fingers Crossed. We run the show tomorrow for the first time full off-book and the full-show...

Kids who graduated, be grateful there are some VERY annoying freshman, that hopefully will NEVER be cast again, ahhh... like its painful...

I saw Rent for the 5th time last week, that was pretty... different.  The voices were pretty different, some good, some not soo good.  I think Rodger was from England.. that was different, good in parts, horrible in parts...  Mimi was annoying the whole first act, then I started to like her in the second act when she wasn't all high-pitched... Mark was good.... Angel was alright, but, damn in the Contact song in the second act, by far the best performance ever.. Damn...

I also saw Hairspray on tour in Omaha about a week ago!! OMG! I LOVED it... I have to say it was one of the best touring-shows I have seen.. EVER.  Very good cast, and it was non-equity.  I loved the musical...  and the guy who played Link---- WOW.. lol... I feel like a little school girl...

Project Runway is over... SAD... I was really hoping Uli would win. I loved her final collection, and overall loved her all season.  I like Michael Knight also, but his final collection was less than impressive... and Jeffrey, I loved some pieces and despised some pieces, and overall this season he was just okay to me.. O well, Uli will do great.

I miss Kissel...

thats it for now...


Date:October 26th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC)
Oh my gosh Bryan I didn't even realize how much I was going to miss you!!! Seriously, you're at the top of my list to have lots of fun with over winter break, big guy.

Mrs. Wright is, as I've said many-a-time, Satan. Who the HELL keeps emailing her??? Seriously!! In your paper don't forget about her ridiculous use of past tense. The author WAS born on July 17, not the author IS born on July 17...are you fuckin crazy???????

You can quote me or something: "Mrs. Wright's AP Lit/Comp class was rigorous in busywork - the most ridiculous assignments included putting old toys in boxes and passing them off as somehow linked to literary criticism, creating magazine collages as a senior in high school, and being forced to write sentences such as, "Kurt Vonnegut is born November 11, 1922." Mostly, it was a monstrous waste of my time.

I would have say, though, that the readings she picked out for us were good...but any teacher can do that. Meh

Enough of that. Aywhooooo.....I love you Bryan!! Ill let you know if my sister gets the job ;) And write me a letter back!!!!!
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Date:October 26th, 2006 05:28 am (UTC)
I saw Hairspray too!!! And yeah! It was a NETProduction (non-equity) so i was really pleasently suprised at how good it was.
Motorhouse Maybell was a little disapointing, though... Other than that, Damn!

And yeah. Mrs. Wright's class is painful. I mean, it is good to know how to write a 5 paragraph essay, but also know you don't have to write it in 5 paragraphs. And yes, too many adverbs weaken a paper, but that doesn't mean you have to stop using them all together.
And I'm pretty sure i had more reading in that class than i do in college. And my school's pretty crazy...

SOOOOOO---> the point of this is I would be more than happy to help you with that letter!

Love yoU!
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